Are Worms Natural? The Global Worming Debate

Robin Eating Worm

To be more specific, are earthworms natural?  For the chronically busy and distracted, the short answer to that question is – absolutely not!  Earthworms are not natural!  Not even a little bit!  At least they’re not natural if they’re non-native, introduced earthworms that are devouring the forest floor and radically changing the ecology of some … Continue reading

Vertical Farming Part 2: Pumpkins in the Sky

Competitive Pumpkins

  Imagine if we could grow vegetables and other crops up in tall trees. Just think of all the space we could save. Okay, maybe not. I can see some of you are thinking about pumpkins and watermelons dropping out of wind-blown tree tops, like David Letterman throwing things off of a five story building … Continue reading

Vertical Farming Part 1: Could WSU Feed the City of Pullman?

Vertical farms

Vertical farming is a brand new concept that originated in about 1909. No, that’s not a typo. So why are we getting excited about it now, over 100 years later? In 1909, the burgeoning growth of the world’s human population and the need for food production didn’t seem quite as pressing as it does today … Continue reading