Why Endangered?

Idaho Pygmy Rabbit

“Why?” asks one of the most fundamental questions in science, or for that matter, human existence.  Scientists spend a lot of time asking how and why does this or that particular phenomenon, event, or circumstance happen, and not another?

“Why?” is always a good question for everyone to keep in their mind whether thinking about society, culture, politics, religion, economics, science, or life itself.

In the context of this science blog, we might ask, “Why blog about science, and in particular, endangered species?”

Why Endangered…?

The value of blogging, or presenting and discussing matters related to science with a global community, should be fairly obvious.  Science is important to human progress and well being.  Science is important to understand the functioning of the universe, the human condition, and all life processes on Earth.  Enough said.

But why should we be concerned with threatened and endangered species, and more broadly, the conservation of the natural world – the subject of this science blog?

Answering this question over time, and in many different and highly variable ways will be the subject as well as the goal of this blog.

However, in the end, you will have to answer this question for yourself.  We only hope to provide you with some useful information, perspectives, and perhaps a bit of philosophy along the way as you reach your own conclusions.

[Note: The featured photo at the top of this article is that of a captive bred Pygmy Rabbit, named Bromus, originating from a non-endangered Idaho population.  Bromus was reintroduced back into natural habitat in southeastern Idaho, and he will be the subject of a future story – The Story of Bromus.]

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